Doc Marten Event (Recap)

August 29, 2014

To celebrate Doc Marten‘s “Spirit of ’69” collection launch, we gathered downtown at The Delancey on a perfectly warm summer night in August. Here’s a great video explaining the spirit of the collection:

The night of the launch, we took over all three floors of The Delancey. In the basement were our trusty fam, Deadly Dragon along with live ska performances. On the top floor, Miss Lily’s catered the food which didn’t last very long (have you had their jerk corn?!) And we took on the main floor. What a treat the night was, getting to play ska and roots reggae all night long. The venue was packed, the people on such a good vibe. Here are just a few of the photos taken, courtesy of Exposure:

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Thanks Doc Marten for having us! A night we’ll definitely always remember!